Physical Distancing Floor Markers in The Trench

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Our team are experts in the thermoplastic markings industry and we are able to supply and install physical distancing floor markers in The Trench.

Social distancing floor markings are now advised in public spaces and we have designed a range of floor markings which are approved by the Department for Transport for pedestrian areas.


We have also developed markings for use in schools, nurseries, supermarkets, parks and more.

Find out more about the markings we can install to help promote social distancing by talking to a member of our team. Simply fill in our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What are Social Distance Markings?

Social distance markings are graphics applied onto the ground of public areas to help individuals keep a safe distance from others when out and about. 

These markings are generally circles with 2m distance symbols inside. Our team offer a range of other designs too. 

Social distance markings have become a necessity since the spread of Covid 19. As a way to prevent the Coronavirus, the Government have advised social (or physical) distancing is required.

To help with this, many companies have created physical distancing markers which can be applied to the ground. 

The markers are installed two metres apart, so that individuals can see how far apart they should be. 

These types of graphics are particularly popular in supermarkets, when customers have to queue outside. However, a number of other establishments are now starting to get these markings installed to ensure safety in there grounds. 

If you require social distance markings at your establishment, please make sure to speak with our team for information on costs and designs available.

Graphics for Schools and Nurseries in The Trench

Some may argue that schools and nurseries are the most important establishments to have physical distancing markers installed.

We offer a range of social distancing graphics for schools and nurseries in The Trench BT36 4 which helps both adults and children stay safe after the spread of the Coronavirus.

So, what kind of markings do we offer for nurseries, playgroups and schools?

  • Rainbow spots

  • Rainbow footprints

  • Hand washing graphics

  • Sanitising area markers

  • Rainbow sqare markings

  • 2 metre lines

These are just a few of the graphics we can install. We also offer marker strips, 2m guidance spots and much more. To see the different designs we have available, please make sure to speak to our team. 

We have installed thermoplastic markings for a number of years. Due to Covid 19, we have developed these physical distancing floor markers to keep the public safe. 

By choosing our team to install your social distance markings, you can ensure safety for a long period of time. Our thermoplastic markings are heat applied and can last for many years without ripping and peeling like stickers and tape.

Our designs are also flush, permanent, washable and compliant with current Government guidelines. If you would like more information on our markings, please complete our contact form today.

Supermarket Social Distancing Markings

You may have seen tape and stickers on the floor at supermarkets to keep the 2m distance. Since social distancing is going to be around for a while, supermarkets may need to think about a more durable product rather than tape and stickers that can peel up. 

Our thermoplastic markings are long lasting and perfect for heavy footfall. 

We have a range of supermarket social distancing markings available. If you are interested in seeing the different designs, please do get in touch with our team today using the enquiry form provided.


Cycle Routes

Aong with supermarket markings and those for schools and nurseries, we can also install social distancing markings for cycle routes, pedestrian footpaths and roadways. Our markings have been designed with the guidance of Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions. 

It is important to have clear markings on public footpaths and cycle lanes. During this time, it is also just as important to have appropriate physical distancing markers in place. 

We have installed a number of different markings for cycle routes over the years. Therefore you can trust us to install safe and durable markings for your cycle routes too. 

For more information, please get in touch with a team member using the contact box on this page. 

How Much Does it Cost to Install Social Distancing Markers?

The cost of social distancing thermoplastic markings can vary depending on a number of factors, including the design, quantity and size. 

Our team can offer you all the costs you need today. 

If you have a specific budget in mind, please make sure to let our team know so we can tell you what is available for your budget. 

It must be noted that you can save money by getting cheaper alternatives to thermoplastic markings, however these will not be as durable and you may need to buy a larger quantity and keep applying them. 

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If you require more details on the physical distancing floor markers in The Trench BT36 4 that we can install, please complete our contact form now. We will offer you all the information you need as well as our recommendations. 

Our team will give you the prices of the graphics you require as well as details on the different designs available.

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