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Our experts provide a number of school play area graphics services in Newchurch that can be used for educational purposes as we offer things like maps, number games, letter grids, solar system and lots of other designs. 

If you are interested in having thermoplastic graphics installed, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.


Outdoor play spaces are important for children’s physical and cognitive development and we can install play area graphics in Newchurch NP23 6 which brighten these facilities up and make them more exciting.

These playground markings can be educational and fun as you are able to choose designs that link to Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 curriculum teaching, as well as EYFS teaching. This is also great for nurseries.

For details on nursery marking please click here We will help you create a bespoke outdoor play surface and offer a quote that is within your budget.

Our team are experts in providing a range of different school play graphics to educational facilities across the UK. Please feel free to get in touch with our specialist team via the provided contact form.

Best Education Graphics

Some children in Newchurch find it easier to learn through playing games and activities, so having educational markings applied to your playground can be very beneficial.

Some of the most popular designs are maths games like times table grids and number snakes, and letter games like the alphabet and phonics.

Other playground markings that we often install include animals, activity trails, fitness circuits, sports thermoplastic markings and classic games.

OFSTED recommend having good quality outdoor play areas in schools because these help children to learn and develop their social skills with each other.

What are School Play Area Graphics?

School playground graphics are heat applied surface markings. Nornally in the shape of specific graphics to engage the children with the necessary benefits it requires.

Please contact one of our specialists in Newchurch NP23 6 by completing the enquiry form with your details and a brief description of what you would like us to do for you.

It is entirely up to you what kind of thermoplastic playground markings design you choose for your area, but we can assist with the whole process.

We’ll reply back to you as quickly as we can with some information regarding costs and the installation process for graphics.

Depending on the implied purpose of your area, it may be worth considering getting EYFS educational thermoplastic markings.

For more details on early years markings please click here This is because of the many additional benefits that are offered to a school and their pupils.

Children are able to learn at the same time as they are enjoying and having fun with the surface.

By enabling the opportunity for pupils to learn outside of school as well as inside, they will be able to achieve much better results in the school which will obviously benefit the facility in general as they will be recognised for all the results they receive.

Teachers near me will also be benefited by these surface graphics because they will notice a much wider attention span with all the children gaining much more fresh air.


Educational Playground Markings Near Me

The educational playground markings in Newchurch we offer will usually be applied to a macadam surface.

The chosen shapes and designs such as maze markings - presented here - will be cut out in a special thermoplastic material which comes in a range of colours so you can customise the look.

Our installers will put the plastic shapes onto the tarmac flooring and then heat them up with a specialist burner to make them melt and stick down to the playground.

This application process is quick and simple, and it reduces disruption for busy schools so the children can get back to using their play area as soon as possible.

Surface markings are excellent for ensuring that a school's external facility looks excellent and vibrant. Children are more likely to be engaged if the surface is vibrant and bright.

This could be due to their attraction towards the fun colours and in some cases can even result in the school gaining more marks awarded by Ofsted. This is because Ofsted recognises the many benefits that the surface provides and complements a school for doing this.

Playground Designs in Newchurch

Our school playground graphics come in a variety of designs which help children learn valuable skills.

Roadway markings are often installed because these could be used in different games and they also help kids to learn about road safety which is extremely important.

Sports lines are commonly chosen for local higher educational facilities closest to you because they may be used to create MUGA areas that older children enjoy.

The markings are vibrant, fun and long-lasting so they create an engaging environment that both young children and older kids will love.

Please complete our contact form with your details if you’d like some information about the prices to install educational playground markings.

Other Playground Services We Offer

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There is still plenty to be heard regarding school playground graphics in Newchurch NP23 6 which you can find out more about by contacting our specialist team via the provided contact form. This will allow you to gain response as soon as with all the information you require.

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