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We are specialists in installing Key Stage Two markings applied to tarmac play areas so the kids can enjoy a range of outdoor learning spaces and fun recreational play. Do you need an experienced key stage 2 playground markings contractor in Merseyside? Then you have come to the right place. 


For primary school children aged 8-11, Key Stage 2 playground markings in Merseyside L17 6 are often used in outdoor games and educational activities.

We can supply and install these thermoplastic designs in a huge number of specifications, colours and sizes.

By having the vibrant patterns applied to an existing tarmac surface, schools can create an interactive games space which offers loads of activities.

If you have a specific budget in mind, feel free to contact us for more information on costs to install plastic flooring graphics.

During KS Two, it’s important for kids to take part in lots of different games and activities through outdoor play.

This is beneficial for mental development, physical fitness and communication skills.

Popular playground markings like multiplication tables, phonics games, clocks and world maps are all commonly chosen for educational games so the kids can learn as they play.

To learn more about educational games visit this page Other thermoplastic designs include fitness trails, sports lines and throwing targets which are ideal for practising movement skills.

Colourful Play Area Designs Near Me

To help make absolutely sure the children in Merseyside L17 6 are having a good time we provide you with a variety of play area designs which are not just informative but also entertaining for the kids.

You can select from a variety of colourful play surface graphics - suitable for different Primary School ages between Years 3 to 6 - like colourful characters, traditional activities and competitive sports.

Having a varied set of KS2 markings is great for schools and their surrounding areas, as they can have a diverse outdoor learning area which is also suitable for physical activities.

Standard playground designs which are requested for sporting events may include things like football, netball, tennis or basketball and each of which can be used for numerous other activities too.

Other games like throwing to targets, hopscotch and snakes and ladders could also be incorporated into the specification for nurseries.

To learn more about nursery marking please click here This helps local primary schools closest to you take full advantage of playground flooring and makes it possible to begin using these areas in sports lessons.

The playground marking professionals can also improve pre-existing graphics which have diminished and got worn out over time; boosting the surface visually for you and the children.

Thermoplastic Graphics Installation

The Key Stage 2 playground markings that we apply are made from cut out plastic shapes which come in a number of vibrant colours.

These lines and patterns will then be heat applied to the tarmac flooring using a special burner which melts the thermoplastic. Schools are able to choose from a wealth of unique colours, styles, and specifications for the graphics.

Our expert installers can put on a paint coating to the entire tarmacadam area in advance of applying the brand new graphics; this will improve the overall look and characteristics of the play area.

It's quite common for nearby primary schools and playgroups to have plastic recreational surface designs applied across the United Kingdom.


Educational Learning Areas Near Me

Primary school playground patterns may comprise of letters, phonics, and number squares; the reason being they are linked to KS2 National Curriculum activities in Merseyside so the youngsters shall be learning during the games.

These kinds of play surface designs can really help join local people together with each other and motivate youngsters to generally be even more engaged and have fun whilst learning.

For more information about our team, please have a look at this page The design options that are on offer can be made to suit nationwide subject guidelines and activities.

As a result, the primary school's Ofsted review and grades can be increased due to chances for youngsters to learn far better.

Playground Flooring Maintenance

Thermoplastic play surface key stage 2 markings in Merseyside are long-lasting and sturdy; they can also be applied swiftly without producing a large amount of disturbance on the location.

Our team are well equipped to carry out repairs and maintenance efficiently for existing playground designs.

What's more, we offer a service for removing of outdated graphics which may have become worn-out as a consequence of age and they are often upgraded with a completely new design.

On the other hand, we are able to also strengthen current lines through reapplying the key stage 2 markings, improving the appearance of the surface.

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The costs of installing Key Stage 2 playground markings in Merseyside L17 6 will vary as it’s completely dependent on the design you choose, the area size covered and the surface conditions.

Our specialists would be happy to give you some professional advice regarding the products we offer, so you can decide on a budget for this work.

Please take a moment to complete our contact form with the details of your enquiry so we can come back to you with a quote.

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