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Our team of experts in Devon are able to install Key Stage 1 thermoplastic markings for primary school playgrounds. We offer a range of graphics and specifications for physical and educational activities. 

If you're in need of experienced and friendly thermoplastic installers, then look no further than us.


Throughout many primary schools, Key Stage 1 thermoplastic markings in Devon EX15 3 are applied to tarmac outdoor play areas.

This is done to create vibrant designs on the surface which can be used for educational games or physical activities. During the early years of primary school, children are developing lots of fundamental skills, and playing games outside can assist with this growth.

For more information on early years play markings please click here Thermoplastic designs which are commonly chosen for Key Stage 1 include:

  • Numbers

  • Letters

  • Mazes

  • Targets

  • Sports lines

  • Clocks

  • Maps

If you’d like to find out more about the different coloured playground graphics we supply, please contact our team today through the quick enquiry form.

Playground Marking Installers Near Me

Our industry professionals will provide a variety of unique services as we have a range of experience with play area surfacing.

To help make sure the kids are having fun our company offers a range of designs that are not only educational but also fun for the kids.

The various kinds of premium playground graphics we can apply normally include classic activities, maths grids, sporting activity lines and interactive pictures in several colour choices and dimensions.

For more details regarding maths markings please visit this page It’s important to offer a variety of activities and games so children can learn lots of skills including physical, cognitive and social development.

Preformed Plastic Shapes

The graphics which we apply are made from thermoplastic playground designs that are pre-cut into different shapes depending on the chosen design.

These are then put onto the tarmac surface in the specified location and heated until they soften and stick to the flooring. Primary schools can pick from a variety of different colours, styles and technical specs for the graphics.

Many of our clients choose KS1 thermoplastic markings which complement what is taught in lessons through the National Curriculum.

For more information on educational marking please click here

If needed, we can also paint the tarmac flooring before we apply the key stage 1 play surface markings, which helps to make the surfacing appear brand new since it should be a great deal brighter.

Depending on your budget and the existing site conditions, this is something our team can discuss with you and factor into the costs.

Numerous nearby primary schools, daycare centres and recreational areas in Devon EX15 3 throughout the UK currently have educational playground Key Stage One playground markings installed around the asphalt surface.

Academic games and activities are generally a popular choice with primary school facilities. For example, we're able to apply snakes and ladders, hopscotch grids and number games; these should assist the kids in learning skills whilst engaging in active play.

These particular recreational playground designs can really help join the community collectively and also encourage youngsters to become more active and enjoy themselves whilst learning new things.

The markings we have available may be made to fit a specific set of instructions and exercises. By using graphics in this way, your school may improve their Ofsted report by providing pupils with better opportunities to be educated outside and develop important skills.


School Sports Lines Near Me

Standard KS1 playground lines that are applied for sporting activities could consist of football, netball, tennis or basketball and each of which could be used for a large number of other Key Stage One pursuits too.

The thermoplastic lines are perfect for recreational sports courts which are also used as general multi-use playgrounds.

This ensures that schools and public areas, as well as the surrounding areas, can be used more effectively and kids can make the most out of being physically active when playing on each area.

Should you already have primary school KS1 playground markings that have got worn out or possibly dull after a while, our skilled specialist team can come to site and enhance existing lines, boosting the playground aesthetically.

Specialist Installation Process

Minimal disturbance to the local playground closest to you is created by setting up plastic graphic designs, as they are installed swiftly and leave a strong and sturdy finish. Our company's installers can complete servicing and maintenance easily and quickly for old play markings.

When you have unwanted and exhausted playground designs, we are able to upgrade this with an all-new vividly coloured thermoplastic play area application. We also can strengthen any current designs by reapplying the graphics, therefore enhancing the appearance of your playground.

Other Playground Services We Offer

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We may create a bespoke design which is perfect for children at your primary school. Our prices can be tailored to suit any specific budget requirements you have for the playground applications.

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