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Our team install thermoplastic playground roadway markings designs in specialist material which leaves a durable and colourful finish that can be used every day by the children without becoming worn out. If you'd like to inquire about these designs and the installation in Bredenbury, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.


As specialist contractors for thermoplastic roadway playground markings in Bredenbury HR7 4 we are able to give you the full services including consultancy, design, pricing, specifications and maintenance strategies for your roadways floor graphics.

Our experts can also assist you with sizes or dimensions to fit the budgets your school, nursery or EYFS group has.

Feel free to complete our contact form if you’d like some more information and a quote to install these lines.

What are Thermoplastic Play Markings?

Thermoplastic playground markings are excellent heat applied designs onto a tarmac playground.

Having roadway designs can help teach children about basic road safety.

The roadway lines are popular in primary schools, nurseries and EYFS groups in Bredenbury because they have a lot of different uses.

They are educational because they teach the children about road safety and things to look out for when they are on real roads.

This is very important as it encourages the kids to be aware of their surroundings in other environments and ensures that they know how to stay safe when crossing a road.

Depending on what you choose, the thermoplastic playground lines can replicate designs on traditional roads, or they could have different activities for the kids to learn skills like balance, jumping, and hopping.

Turning the road design into an activity trail makes it more versatile and allows the children to make up their own role-playing playground games as well as doing the activities set out with the marks.

Road Surface Designs Near Me

It’s great to give local children in Bredenbury an interactive outdoor space closest to them where they can develop both physical and cognitive skills.

OFSTED recommend having these areas to encourage social interaction along with learning valuable lessons about safety in the outside world.

The thermoplastics are heat applied to a tarmac surface, making them extremely long-lasting and durable against damage.

We have a number of other designs we could install too - targets being a popular one.For more information on target marking please click here

Please speak to one of our experts if you are interested in having playground roadway markings installed. We’d be happy to discuss the design and help you choose graphics which suit your ideal budget.

Roadways Flooring Graphics

The roadways flooring graphics installed to nearby play areas in Bredenbury HR7 4 are great for children to learn the Highway Code in a safe environment with traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and road signs installations.

The roadway designs can be used as cycle lanes which is great for the kids to develop balance skills and as the children are riding their bicycles on the lines this encourages road safety and awareness.

The road marking graphics come in a range of bright colours, and other activity lines can be added onto the roadway so make it a multipurpose playground feature.

We can also install actual road markings if necessary, for more information please visit this page The lines are highly durable and complete the main purpose of being highly visible to drivers during both the day and the night.

This is to ensure that the road is not at fault for any injuries to the children and to also help to prevent them from being unable to see the area.

For this reason, we always recommend that you get in touch with our team if your area requires a repaint due to the many different consequences that can arise with vague lines in a playground.


How to Maintain Roadway Markings Near Me

Thermoplastic designs are hard wearing and durable so they require minimal maintenance, but as always it is important to check they occasinally and make they are still suitable.

As well as teaching kids about safety on public roads in Bredenbury HR7 4 the flooring graphics are engaging and fun for all ages, including Early Years Foundation Stage, nurseries and into a primary school playground.

The thermoplastic markings can be used as a fitness circuit, and extra graphics like numbers, letters, animals and cartoon characters could be added on as well.

Children’s playgrounds should be both fun and educational so having these multipurpose graphics is a great improvement to a plain tarmac surface.

We can help you create a unique design which fits into your available outdoor space and sticks to your proposed budget. The graphics and colour schemes are completely up to you so you’ll get a great outdoor roadway design for your play area. 

Heat Applied Play Graphics

Roadway lines are essential for your play area if you have any bikes, scooters or children's cars as, without the thermoplastic playground markings, they will be unable to know where to go and could possibly crash into another pupil and cause them to injure themselves.

The roadways are commonly underrated by schools, however, if implemented correctly, these can gain marks from Ofsted as it shows that the school cares for the children's wellbeing with all of the fresh air they will receive.

It also shows that the school has concern over the safety of the children as the roadway playground markings will prevent any of the youngsters' vehicles from going over the road lines and causing a hazard to the other children.

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