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Our experienced team are able to install outdoor learning markings and install thermoplastic graphics which have educational activities to help the children learn different skills like maths and English. Are you in need of an experienced thermoplastic markings contractor in Abergarw? Then you have come to the right place.


It’s important for children in Abergarw CF32 9 to enjoy playing outside because it helps to boost their physical fitness and health, and by installing outdoor learning marks they can develop cognitive skills as well.

Most schools and nurseries will have a tarmac surfaced playground that is used for playing different games and sports, but these areas sometimes look tired and boring.

By having colourful thermoplastic lines applied to the surface you can improve the appearance and give your pupils an exciting outdoor space to play in.

For more information on outdoor learning markings, please feel free to get in touch with our team of specialists who will provide an excellent service of ensuring that all of the designs are completed correctly.

We have a range of valuable experience in providing these designs and are always available to assist you in purchasing these.

Simply complete the provided enquiry box for a valuable response with all the information and answers that you need.

External Markings in Abergarw

A variety of different designs in Abergarw CF32 9 can be used for outdoor learning markings, and these support children in Early Years Foundation Stage learning for both physical and cognitive development.

Maths games, phonics, and geographical maps can all be included with a playground design, as well as cartoon characters and traditional activities.

For more on maths games please click here http://www.thermoplasticmarkings.com/design/maths-games/bridgend/abergarw These all encourage children to make up their own games and play with others while learning new skills outdoor at the same time.

You can choose a unique design to suit Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 curriculum guidelines, so outdoor playtimes can be used to reinforce lessons learnt in the classroom.

We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about our outdoor learning markings and the costs of installing them. Simply send us your details through the enquiry form so we can get back to you and discuss a quote for your project as soon as possible.

How to Install Learning Markings

If you are looking to install educational playground learning markings in Abergarw CF32 9 our experts are on hand to offer our service. To carry out the installation process, we follow these simple steps;

  1. Talk to you to find the thermoplastic learning markings that you require

  2. Lay the graphics in your chosen location

  3. Heat the thermoplastic so it melts into the flooring

  4. Allow it to cool

As experts, we are happy to give you all the information and details you require to ensure you can get the play area results you want. Just fill out the enquiry form given and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Educational Playground Designs Near Me

There are lots of educational playground designs in Abergarw CF32 9 that you could choose when having thermoplastic marking set installed.

It’s really beneficial for younger children to learn while they play because this often makes things easier to understand and remember.

With colourful playground games marking, kids are able to be creative and make up their own games to play with each other.

These could be word games, role play and creative activities that encourage them to work together, make friends and learn all at the same time.

Whatever your budget, we can help you choose unique graphics for your play area that will be engaging and fun for the kids.


What Maintenance is Needed?

Maintaining your playground markings is really important. This is because of the many different consequences that can arise if this is not completed.

Faded marking sets can cause disengagement from the children because they will become bored of the design and in some cases, these graphics can even cause severe hazards to the children since they are unable to see where the lines are.

Depending on which games markings these are, children could injure themselves by falling on the surface.

In regards to the aesthetics of your nearby play area, after a marking procedure has been completed, your playground will look excellent. We always recommend installing bright coloured marks as they are proven to engage more children due to the attraction and better looks of these colours.

This consequently makes your school playground closest to you and its surrounding areas look much brighter and less dull which can even earn you marks from Ofsted as they recognise that you are making an effort to engage the children and it also shows that you care for your pupils.

What are Educational Markings?

Another popular design that is chosen for outdoor learning markings in Abergarw CF32 9 is a roadway; these can come in a number of specifications.

You could choose a simple square circuit with road lines, or add roundabouts and graphics of cars to create an even more vibrant design.

The roadway playground markings are popular because they teach young children about road safety which is extremely valuable in the outside world.

Giving kids the opportunity to learn life skills, particularly when it comes to staying safe, is a great way of ensuring they are prepared for everyday things outside of school.

Key stages are another design we can incorporate in your play space. For more info on KS1 markings visit this page http://www.thermoplasticmarkings.com/playground/key-stage-1/bridgend/abergarw Outdoor learning designs are obviously very beneficial in a school external play area.

The use of educational aspects that are incorporated into designs such as letters and numbers can really benefit a child with their learning as they are given the opportunity both inside and outside of school.

This is common in games such as hopscotch where the pupils are prompted to learn as well as have fun. Hopscotch uses numbers and forces the pupils to think about these numbers to play the game and can, therefore, provide a great method of educating them.

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If you would like to have educational playground designs applied to your school or nursery playground in Abergarw CF32 9 please take a moment to send over your details through our contact box.

One of our expert advisors will be in touch with you soon to give you a quote and help you choose some unique thermoplastic playground markings for your play area.

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