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Many school play areas have maths games applied to the surface in thermoplastic, we as leading specialists in the UK offer this service with a range of colourful designs and educational graphics. If you want to create a great educational play area, get in touch.


We can supply and install thermoplastic maths playground games markings in Rearsby LE7 4 to tarmac surfaces in schools and nurseries, creating fun maths games markings which children will enjoy.

With interactive flooring features in an outdoor play area, kids find it easier and more effective when learning new things.

Some of the most popular graphics applied to tarmac playgrounds include multiplication grids, number animals and hopscotches.

Please contact our team if you are thinking about having these designs incorporated into an outdoor facility and we’ll send you all the necessary information.

For more information, feel free to get in touch with our specialist team via the provided contact form as this will ensure that you're able to receive all the information you require.

Here, you can ask any questions you need the answers to or request any information from our specialist playground games team of experts who will respond as soon as possible.

What are Playground Games Markings?

For younger children near me, fundamental maths skills in Rearsby can sometimes be tricky to learn and remember.

With fun maths games markings applied to a tarmac play surface, the kids can use different activities to develop their numeracy skills. We create these graphics using a specialist thermoplastic material where the shapes are pre-cut into coloured hard plastic.

They will be placed onto the macadam flooring of the play area and heat applied with a burner which melts the plastic. It will then stick onto the floor and create a long-lasting slip-resistant finish for the playground.

We can also offer high durability paint prior to the installation of graphics if you would like a bright area. For more info on the paint, please click here

Different coloured shapes could be placed to make up a larger design like an outline number grid or a solid colour numbered caterpillar.

These are perfect for children’s activities in local EYFS groups, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 school classes closest to you.

How to Maintain Markings Near Me

If you are looking to add vibrant maths games designs to your nearby school or nursery playground in Rearsby please get in contact with our team today.

The costs and specifications may be tailored to you and your budget along with the activity markings you would like to create.

Simply complete the contact box on this page and send your enquiry and we’ll come back in touch as quickly as we can.

The area can be easily maintained and our professional team always recommends that you follow a proactive maintenance strategy to ensure that all possible damages are prevented.

This also ensures that you're able to maximise the lifespan of your markings to make them last for as long as possible.

However, without this strategy, these markings could become vague quickly and in the worst-case scenario, could cause pupils to injure themselves on a hazardous surface.


Thermoplastic Number Design

Numeracy forms part of the core skills for children to learn in their early year's education, so our number graphics in Rearsby LE7 4 with thermoplastic markings are very popular.

To learn more about educational designs click here

Things like outlined multiplication squares, 1-100 grids, numbered snakes and clocks could all be chosen on their own or as part of complete playground design.

Schools that have outdoor learning areas like this are often highly praised by Ofsted as the children can take part in more engaging activities.

They can also be beneficial for health as the kids are being more active by running around and playing in the pay-areas and the surrounding areas. The surfaces are commonly praised for the engagement it provides as children are usually very happy with the game's design.

For this reason, we commonly install games designs that include numbers and letters as this will allow you to gain the educational benefits at the same time as the children are having fun and socialising.

With games such as hopscotch that require the children to utilise numbers, the school will be able to notice all the different benefits inside of schools such as test results and the children's' ability to learn.

Surface Safety in Rearsby

Thermoplastic numbered designs can be multifunctional as schools often use them for other maths games as well as maths activities.

For example, snakes and ladders feature could be added to a simple numbers grid, or a target graphic might be applied to the surface for throwing games.

This gives kids a chance to enjoy fun maths games as well as developing educational and physical skills all in one place.

For both the Early Years Foundation Stage and primary school learning, customised markings can be created to give the most effective outdoor play environment.

Whether you want a simple 1-49 outlined number grid, or you want a full set of solid colour play area graphics, our experts will help you decide on the right design and price.

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We would be happy to answer any questions you have regarding specifications for maths playground games markings in Rearsby LE7 4 at your school or nursery.

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