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Our team of experts can apply the high durability paint in either a bright colour or in standard black to improve the overall appearance of the tarmac flooring and give it a new lease of life. If you'd like our expert advice on HD paint colour coating in Little Abington, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.


One of the products we offer is a high durability paint colour coating in Little Abington CB21 6 which can be applied to tarmac playgrounds.

This is a strong and long-lasting specification of high-durability paint which is available in a number of bright colours to make children’s play areas more exciting.

Many schools and nurseries choose to have this applied to create a background colour which thermoplastic markings are then added onto.

Feel free to get in touch with our experts if you have any questions regarding costs to install the coloured plastic graphics. We’ll come back to you as quickly as we can with a quote and some design information.

Durable Playground Painting

We are able to offer you a selection of products and services relating to fun playground high-durability painting for schools, playgroups and parks.

To make certain the youngsters are having a good time we offer many different playground markings which are not only educational but are also exciting for the children.

The durable plastic markings may be poured out and evenly spread onto the existing tarmac first, leaving a seamless finish. Once this has completely dried, thermoplastic markings will be added on top in a range of fun designs.

Outdoor Play Graphics in Little Abington

The numerous styles of graphics we offer normally includes:

  • Traditional Games

  • Maths Grids

  • Sporting Activity Lines

  • Interactive Characters

These graphics are all available in a variety of colour choices and shapes.

When it comes to activities designs our experts may apply soccer, tennis, netball, basketball and all purpose lines. The high-durability paint adds slip-resistant qualities as well as a vibrant appearance if you choose to have a brightly coloured design.

The paint may also be installed on roads for bike and bus lanes. For details on road marking please click here http://www.thermoplasticmarkings.com/safety/thermoplastic-road-safety-markings/cambridgeshire/little-abington

We also supply the paint in plain black to clean up the look of tired macadam flooring.

The play area surface installers in Little Abington CB21 6 can additionally improve existing colour coatings which have diminished and got worn out through time; boosting the facility aesthetically for you as well as the kids.


Thermoplastic Floor Designs

These play surface markings are made from thermoplastic; they are usually applied to a macadam surface by heating up the material and melting it onto the playground.

A variety of distinct colours and graphics are on offer so that you can determine whichever designs you would like for your recreational area that will accommodate the children making use of it.

The workers can apply a high durability painting on the entire tarmac flooring before laying out the chosen graphics. This will likely enhance the overall appearance and characteristics on the playing surface.

Recreational surface painting is very popular in local schools, playgroups and leisure areas closest to you and your surrounding areas. For details on school painting and marking visit this page http://www.thermoplasticmarkings.com/playground/school-play-area-graphics/cambridgeshire/little-abington

You could make a choice from a number of educative graphics to suit your area in Little Abington along with traditional games, geographical atlases and enjoyable cartoon characters.

Acquiring these types of enjoyable playground shapes gives kids the ability to be more active and also enjoy taking part in academic games.

Our nearby experts could even make use of the kids' nationwide work curriculum to influence the designs. This could even to boost the school’s Ofsted review and scores since these sort of graphics will offer chances for children to learn far better.

Applying Paint and Markings Near Me

During application, the high durability paint colour coating will be poured out onto the chosen tarmac area and spread out evenly using rollers.

This could be done for the whole playground or a certain section marked out with tape. Once the coating has been applied and left to cure, it will leave a durable and long-lasting finish.

Thermoplastic play area markings are strong and durable; they can also be applied easily without the need of producing a large amount of interference in the location.

Any kind of designs or coating presently on the surface may be repaired or removed by the expert staff to ensure that the area is in top condition.

On top of that, we're able to also provide elimination of outdated paint which may have got damaged because of age and they can be reinstalled with a different design.

You might simply like to enhance the quality of the existing graphics; we could do a relining process to give the flooring a completely new lease of life.

Other Playground Services We Offer

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