Thermoplastic Target Graphics in Lower Penn

Thermoplastic Target Graphics in Lower Penn

Target designs can be added to school playgrounds and used for a number of activities like maths games, throwing and jumping, we install these in a variety of colour choices.

Play Area Target Markings in Lower Penn

Play Area Target Markings in Lower Penn

Having these versatile playground designs installed can help kids to learn new skills while playing fun games and working together in teams to become more sociable.

Outdoor Target Designs in Lower Penn

Outdoor Target Designs in Lower Penn

By adding numbers or letters onto the target design, the kids can develop their maths and English skills outdoors by reinforcing lessons learnt from the classroom.

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Thermoplastic Playground Target Graphics in Lower Penn

Our team are specialists at installing these versatile playground designs. These graphics can help kids to learn new skills while playing fun games and working together in teams to become more social. Are you looking for a professional thermoplastic playground target graphics installer in Lower Penn? Then you have found the right place.

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As specialists in the supply and installation of thermoplastic target graphics in Lower Penn WV4 4 to schools and macadam surfaces, we can offer the best costs and prices for these services.

The designs come in a number of colours and sizes so you can completely customise the look of the playground flooring graphics.

When installing the thermoplastic materials, the graphics are heated up and melted onto tarmac and macadam surfacing in playground leaving a durable and vibrant finish.

We also have other designs like mazes - you can learn more about our maze graphics here Designs are created not just to look pleasing to the eye but also for the children to enjoy when out on their playtimes.

Thermoplastic Target Markings in Lower Penn

Why do target playground areas offer real value to schools? Many might ask this and it is because these designs actually improve the OFSTED curriculum rating by having these installed to hard court areas.

As part of the curriculum in Lower Penn they try to enhance personal skills while playing and targets as graphics on the floor offer great opportunities for the kids to interact and learn mathematical skills.

For example, a bullseye design could be installed onto the outdoor playground and this helps kids to create teams to compete with each other and promotes communication between the students.

The kids throw to the target then they need to add up the scores which enhance maths skills and then as this becomes a game with teams it develops coordination and talking skills.

All from a simple design thermoplastic graphic to tarmac flooring can benefit so many kids’ development.

Heat Applied Target Graphics Near Me

If you are considering renovating your local existing playground markings closest to you in Lower Penn or looking for new installation then please complete the contact form where we may offer you costs, designs, specifications and consultancy on what we feel your school, as well as the surrounding areas, would benefit most from.

We are able to generate ideas for you and more importantly look at ways we try to improve your OFSTED rating and the targets are certainly part of this.

Please contact us through the enquiry form for some advice and a quote to install thermoplastic playground markings.


What are the Costs?

So how long do they take to install and what are the costs for Thermo Plastic Play Area Targets Markings?

Many primary schools, EYFS groups, and nurseries in Lower Penn WV4 4 ask us this and it is like asking how much it costs to go on holiday.

It really depends on what features you require and if there are any other markings you want while we are on the site because it makes sense to install all the different designs you require at the same time while our installers are on site.

As the young learners near me interact while playing on the target floor designs they can be creative in moving further back away from the colourful features to make it harder.

They can start to implement left-hand throwing and make up other playground games and activities to vary the challenges these designs bring.

Additional Features

Should you want to add extra colour to your nearby external play facility in Lower Penn then prior to burning the markings onto the macadam we install high durability paint. This coating offers slip-resistant qualities and a solid coloured background for preparation to the graphics being installed.

You may find out about our playground marking services in more detail by clicking here

We can easily send you all data material sheets on this as well as specifications so you are able to specify this on tenders or make sure you are getting a like for like quote from contractors because we should not be beaten on price for the same quality of materials and installation.

Other Playground Services We Offer

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If you fill in the contact form we may send you over product sheets of various targets.

You will find that we have 1-25 circle target throwing designs, bullseye tables, compass targets, dartboard, rocket hopscotch targets, a themed target to fit in with the existing design of the play area or we can create bespoke installations for your school or early years foundation stage centre.

Colours available are varied so you can have red, yellow, orange, purple, green, blue or pink to create a colourful nice looking facility.

Get your thermoplastic playground target graphics in Lower Penn WV4 4 today and improve the play area for your kids to get involved in the activity and improve personal and social skills.

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