Thermoplastic Markings in Allenwood

Thermoplastic Markings in Allenwood

We offer a variety of playground markings which are installed in colourful thermoplastic to create durable and long lasting designs.

Playground Marking Specialists in Allenwood

Playground Marking Specialists in Allenwood

You can choose from lots of brightly coloured games markings which are fun and educational for children's play areas in schools, nurseries and parks.

Play Surface Graphics in Allenwood

Play Surface Graphics in Allenwood

Classic games and activities can be applied to tarmac surfaces in thermoplastic which creates interesting designs that kids love to play on.

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Thermoplastic Markings in Allenwood

Welcome to Thermoplastic markings, we are experienced installers in Allenwood who offer a variety of thermoplastic playground markings and designs for schools, nurseries and community areas.

Our colourful thermoplastics create durable and long-lasting designs, making them fun and educational for kids to play on. Do you need an experienced thermoplastic marking contractor? Then you have come to the right place.

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We supply and install preformed thermo plastic markings in Allenwood CA8 9 in the UK into school playgrounds, roads, car parks and various other places. We pride ourselves on being the best value for money and this is why we are the top-rated thermoplastic company for supply and installation of these high quality materials.

The most common places for these markings to be found include school playground facilities, parks, roads and car parking facilities.

For more information on school marking, please click here Costs for installing these graphics depend upon the design you choose and the number of materials that need to be used.

Please contact our team today for more details regarding the markings that can be installed. We will come back to you with some more information on the costs and all the graphics that you could choose from.

Floor Markings in Allenwood

Preformed thermoplastic graphics are supplied a hard plastic cut into different shapes such as letters, numbers, cartoon characters, animals, grids, road lines and any other designs you would like.

These shapes are then set out into the chosen area on an existing tarmac surface, and will then be heated up using a specialist burner to melt them onto the flooring.

This process is quick and minimises disruption for busy schools and public areas. The graphics can be applied in a range of bright colours and are perfect for drawing attention and safety signs and signals on roads.

The graphics are great for providing a playground surface with a great, engaging area where all the children can play. This means that the bright areas will tempt the children to play.

Also, in many cases, we employ a design that implements educational aspects as this benefits both the children and the school.

The children are offered an external area where they can have fun and socialise with their friends whilst the school will be able to witness the benefits of pupils being able to learn both inside and outside the school. This means that the children should perform better in tests they have at the end of the school year.

What are Thermoplastic Markings?

Thermoplastic markings are heat applied graphics.

Preformed thermo plastic markings in Allenwood CA8 9 are applied to a range of different external areas such as nearby playgrounds, roads, car parks and elsewhere.

They are extremely long-lasting and durable and can provide many benefits to many different people. For example, in a playground, the fresh air that children will receive is very beneficial as it is proven that the air will widen their attention spans.

In their return to the classroom, youngsters shall learn much more than usual. This is a huge benefit to the schools and the surrounding areas, as it means teachers will do a much better job of teaching the youngsters.

Thermoplastic Line Marking Specialists Near Me

Many local schools, nurseries and early years foundation stage centres closest to you, require playground graphics onto their existing macadam outdoor area.

As we are flooring specialists in Allenwood this is easy for us to accommodate because it brightens up a once dull plain black area to a vibrant colourful outdoor learning facility.

Depending upon the youngsters who'll be using the area, and the different activities you want to include, we can help you come up with a unique play area design.

For details on educational thermoplastics, please visit this page The graphics can be incorporated into imaginative play, sensory games and creative activities which encourage children to make up their own games and work together.

Graphics can also be chosen to suit Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 curriculums as well as recommendations for educational play.


Heat Applied Markings

Roadways and car parks regularly need their lines reapplying or new surfacing areas are installed so here is another huge market for the thermoplastic suppliers and manufacturers.

For details on road markings, click here We install safety and road lines, car park bays and much more to do with Traffic England to create a safe environment for drivers and vehicles through the whole of the UK.

The material is extremely durable and brightly coloured so it won’t wear away through heavy use from vehicles on the road. This is important because it means navigational signals and safety graphics will be clear to see for all road users.


Preformed thermo plastic markings should be regularly maintained as this will ensure that all the markings last for as long as possible and to ensure that children can see these graphics clearly.

If the graphics become faded or lose their bright colouring, there is a chance that children may not want to play in the area and roads can become unsafe.

In many cases, the graphics are installed to replace old, previous markings as the children shall be able to engage with a new play area design.

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If you are interested in finding out more about thermoplastic playground markings in Allenwood CA8 9 or if you would like a quote for this work, please complete our contact form today.

One of our experts will be glad to advise you on the different thermoplastic products we offer as well as the costs for our services.

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