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Our team of specialists can install colourful mazes at schools, nurseries and public playgrounds so children of all ages are able to use them and enjoy them while developing new skills. If you're in need of experienced and friendly thermoplastic playground maze markings installers in Inverclyde then look no further than us.


Specialising in thermoplastic playground maze markings in Inverclyde PA19 1 means we offer you the best value for money on your play area floor graphics.

As the local professional contractor, we are able to design, install and maintain the flooring graphics in your recreational facility.

Whatever your budget we can come up with a quote to suit your school, nursery or playgroup so you have the perfect design.

If you have any other information you require, please feel free to ask any questions on thermoplastic playground maze markings for a swift response as soon as possible with any answers to these questions.

Our team are experts and have an abundance of past experience in the industry.

Heat Applied Maze Markings

Mazes installed to nearby school play areas in Inverclyde are vital in meeting curriculum standards set out by OFSTED because these maze designs allow children to develop skills in problem-solving.

For the local young learners whether they are in the closest primary schools, EYFS groups or nurseries, making mistakes and errors but correcting their error is great to build confidence and problem-solving skills.

For more info on designs that can contribute to learning, please visit this page

The children can also use the thermoplastic maze markings to create their own games and activities with their imagination.

By having engaging equipment and floor designs in the playground, kids can learn about playing and sharing with others, as well as working together to solve problems.

The maze graphics can be installed in a number of bright colours, and design is often incorporated into other sets of markings to create a fun activity space.

If you are looking for a specialist thermoplastic playground markings installer for your nursery, school or EYFS group near me, please contact us today through the quick form on this page.

We’ll send you some product sheets on the thermoplastic material and talk you through the different types of mazes and other designs that you could choose from.

How to Install a Thermoplastic Playground Maze

Installing a thermoplastic playground maze in Inverclyde PA19 1 is a great way to encourage children to play outside and interact with others. To install these graphics, our specialists follow these simple steps:

  1. Discuss where you would like the maze to be located

  2. Lay the thermoplastic on the tarmac surface

  3. Apply heat so the plastic melts into the floor

  4. Allow it to cool

As experts, we are able to provide you with high standards to ensure you get the results you want.

Simply fill out the contact form provided to speak to our specialists today and find out more information.


Thermo Plastic Floor Mazes Graphics Near Me

If you are looking at the possibility of installing thermo plastic floor mazes graphics in Inverclyde PA19 1 then perhaps your whole outdoor playground facility might want a refurbishment.

We may do this with regards to looking at colours, designs and whether the area is good enough to promote both activity and educational features for playtimes.

With the mazes, you can be creative in starting from various positions or create team games where it is timed which help to improve maths and communicational skills by playing and coordinating as a team.

Maze markings allow a school and surrounding area, to fully engage children and allow them to utilise the fresh air they need during their break.

This is because, in their return to the classroom, the pupils' attention span will be much wider if they have received this fresh air and will consequently allow teachers to do a much better job of educating them.

These markings are also great for KS2 children. If you'd like to learn more about KS2 designs, please visit this page

This is a great benefit to both the pupils and the school as the pupils are able to have fun and socialise with their friends at the same time as learning and improving their grades in school whereas the school will be benefited due to these increased grades and the teachers will be enabled to teach much more than normal.

How to Maintain Maze Markings

The brightly coloured thermoplastic creates an engaging outdoor environment in Inverclyde for early years children and makes learning more fun.

Many children enjoy playing educational games outside because completing an activity can make it easier to learn things than sitting in a classroom.

Sometimes younger kids get restless if they’re stuck inside listening to lessons, so having time outside where they can play games to reinforce what they have learnt is very beneficial.

For more details on school graphics please have a look at this The thermoplastic floor mazes come in loads of bright colours so you can choose whatever design you like for the designs to stand out on your playground.

Our specialist installers apply the plastic using a burner which heats them up and melts them until they stick onto the tarmac, leaving a durable and long-lasting finish.

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There are a number of thermoplastic playground maze graphics in Inverclyde PA19 1 that our team can install to your school or nursery playground to create a fun problem-solving activity for kids of all ages.

Feel free to send over your details through the contact form so we can look at your enquiry and give you a quote for any work that you’d like us to do.

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